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Website speed depends on various factors. Hosting is one of the major factors and website type, content, images, etc.  If you want a secure website with 1 to 2 sec loading time then you have to pay money to service providers. 

Why website speed is so much important to us:

If you want Adsense approval on your website then your website needs to load faster. Also, the users will not visit your site if site speed is not good. That's why speed is one of the most important factors in SEO.

    There are some tricks by using them you can improve your site speed with no cost. 

First, you need to visit GTmetrix and test your website speed & other information.


GTmetrix has a suite of features and options to make optimizing your website clear and easy.
Sign up for access to additional features to help keep your site running fast.



My site speed and performance are showing good and you can check yours too. If your site speed is not good and Page Score is B or C (as shown in the below image) then you can follow the below steps:

 1. Create a Cloudflare account. Go here.

2. Then add your site.

3. After that Install & Activate the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress.

4. And make the changes according to the below-posted video.

5. Install & Activate Cloudflare plugin and Sig In with user id & API key.

6. That's All, Now got GTMatrix and recheck site speed. Definitely, your site speed will be improved.

7.  You can find all the steps below videos.




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